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Programme Listings Wednesday 21st October 2020

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  1. 00:00

    Around Midnight

    Belinda Poore helps you relax through the early hours.

  2. 03:00

    Best Time Of The Day

    Roy Stubbs keeps you amused and relaxed with music and his stories.

  3. 06:00

    Early Risers

    Wake up with Nuala Masters every weekday morning.

  4. 08:00

    The Morning Show

    Jim Adam plays some of the best in middle-of-the-road music.

  5. 11:00

    Coffee-time Selections

    Carey Warden sorts out some easy listening music.

  6. 12:00

    Lunchtime Beat

    Liz Allaway will make you want to tap your toes with her upbeat music.

  7. 14:00

    The Afternoon Show

    Keeping you company with easy listening music while you relax after lunch.

  8. 16:00

    Music Express

    Uninterrupted easy listening music for the afternoon.

  9. 18:00

    Thomas the Tank Engine

    Join Thomas and his friends for more railway adventures

  10. 18:30

    For the Children

    Whether you enjoy Nursery Rhymes, "Winnie the Pooh" stories, Cartoon and T.V Themes or Pop; Join Adam Vivien, Andy Syed and their technical operator Marie Fielder, where they play everything from Disney to the present top ten, on "For the Children."

  11. 19:45


    Not fake news, but the pick of tremendous and often quite unbelievable stories from around the globe, brought to you in glorious "stereo" by Jenny Moore and Nick Gardiner.

  12. 20:30

    Requestline (Wednesday)

    Music requested by you the patients and played by Abbie and James.

  13. 21:30

    Jason's Jaunt

    Join Jason as he journeys through the past and experience some legendary music.

  14. 22:30

    The Late Show

    Martin Ingoe plays Music to relax you into the late evening.

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