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Programme Listings Saturday 30th May 2020

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  1. 00:00

    Around Midnight (Weekend)

    Carolyn Hunter keeping you company through the wee small hours.

  2. 03:00

    Best Time of the Day (Weekend)

    Rob Colborne takes you through to sunrise and keeps you amused and relaxed.

  3. 06:00

    Saturday Breakfast

    Jonathan Newell brings you local Sport and features plus a rundown of "what's on" over the weekend on HBA.

  4. 08:00

    The Morning Show (Weekend)

    Tune in for music to get you in the mood for a relaxing weekend morning.

  5. 10:00

    Bird Watching and Country Ways

    An hour of nature and wildlife with local interest stories from the New Forest and the Isle of Wight.

  6. 11:00

    The Heritage Hour

    Whether it's a walk around the old walls of Southampton, a talk on the History of Cunard, a walk in the countryside or something else of interest concerning Southampton, you will hear it here in the Heritage Hour.

  7. 12:00

    Weekend Express (Saturday)

    Uninterrupted music from 80s and 90s to fill your lunchtime full of Musical nostalgia.

  8. 14:00

    The Tony Harding Show

    Tony Harding plays a selection of music from various decades including an hour of No.1s at 3pm.

  9. 17:00

    The Saturday Show

    Lee Moulsdale, playing his selection of music on a Saturday evening.

  10. 18:00

    Special Broadcast

    "The Greatest Hour" with James Blunt

    An hour of "Feelgood music" with messages of gratitude for all of those working on the "Frontline" during these difficult times which has been recorded by James Blunt for syndication by all of the Hospitals Radio Satations affiliated to the National Hospital Radio Broadcasting Association.

    This is a repeat of last Saturdays show.

  11. 19:00

    The Saturday Selection

    Join Jason as he plays you music from the legends of Soul, Motown, Disco and other Iconic Genres.

  12. 20:30

    Music Memories

    Music from different eras and genres.

  13. 21:30

    Saturday Night Smooth

    A mixture of all types of music especially for a Saturday night, with a smooth feel.

  14. 22:30

    Weekend Love Songs

    Late night love songs including: Motown, Atlantic and lots more "MOR" Love Songs.

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