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Programme Listings Saturday 25th January 2020

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  1. 00:00

    Around Midnight (Weekend)

    Carolyn Hunter keeping you company through the wee small hours.

  2. 03:00

    Best Time of the Day (Weekend)

    Rob Colborne takes you through to sunrise and keeps you amused and relaxed.

  3. 06:00

    Saturday Breakfast

    Jonathan Newell brings you local Sport and features plus a rundown of "what's on" over the weekend on HBA.

  4. 09:00

    The Morning Show (Weekend)

    Tune in for music to get you in the mood for a relaxing weekend morning.

  5. 11:00

    The Heritage Hour

    Whether it's a walk around the old walls of Southampton, a talk on the History of Cunard, a walk in the countryside or something else of interest concerning Southampton, you will hear it here in the Heritage Hour.

  6. 12:00

    Weekend Express (Saturday)

    Uninterrupted music from 80s and 90s to fill your lunchtime full of Musical nostalgia.

  7. 14:00

    The Tony Harding Show

    Tony Harding plays a selection of music from various decades, especially chosen for a Saturday afternoon.

  8. 15:00


    Southampton v Tottenham Hotspur

    FA CUP

  9. 17:00

    The Saturday Show

    Lee Moulsdale, playing his selection of music on a Saturday evening.

  10. 18:00

    The Saturday Selection

    Join Jason as he plays you music from the legends of Soul, Motown, Disco and other Iconic Genres.

  11. 19:00

    The Soul Train

    For the best in Classic and Northern Soul, funk and R&B join Iain Box and Michelle Shergill with your weekly helping of Soul music on the "Soul Train."

  12. 20:30

    Requestline (Saturday)

    Join the Saturday Team as they play requests especially chosen by you for you, on "Requestline."

  13. 22:30

    Weekend Love Songs

    Late night love songs including: Motown, Atlantic and lots more "MOR" Love Songs.

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