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Programme Listings Sunday 27th October 2019

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  1. 00:00

    Around Midnight (Weekend)

    Carolyn Hunter keeping you company through the wee small hours.

  2. 03:00

    Best Time of the Day (Weekend)

    Rob Colborne takes you through to sunrise and keeps you amused and relaxed.

  3. 06:00

    The Classical Programme

    Alan Lambourn brings you a selection of great classical music.

  4. 08:00

    The Morning Show (Weekend)

    Tune in for music to get you in the mood for a relaxing weekend morning.

  5. 10:00

    On the Beatles track

    An anthology of the Beatles

  6. 11:00

    The Sunday Play

    A series of 1 hour plays with a political twist produced by John Fryer.

  7. 12:00

    Weekend Express (Sunday)

    Uninterrupted nostalgia as we take you back to the swinging 60s and the musical bridges of the 70s.

  8. 14:00

    Peanuts & Diamonds

    Musical memories from past decades for a Sunday afternoon.

  9. 16:00

    Comedy Classics

    Some good old-fashioned radio comedy selected from our dusty archives.

  10. 17:00

    Southampton Area Talking Newspapers

    Local news for Southampton, Totton / Waterside and Romsey, provided by the Southampton Area Talking Echo.

  11. 18:30

    Country Bandwagon

    Brian White produces and presents the best of the country scene.

  12. 19:30

    The Old Chart Show

    An hour of UK number 1's, from the first chart of 1952 right up to the present day with David John.

  13. 20:30

    Requestline (Sunday)

    Chris Stones and Jake Powney play music that patients requested earlier in the evening when they visited them on the wards.

  14. 21:30

    Sentimental Journey

    Covering Music from past Decades, its "Sentimental Journey" with Ron Westcott.

  15. 22:30

    Weekend Love Songs

    Late night love songs including: Motown, Atlantic and lots more "MOR" Love Songs.

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