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There ARE, still, nice people in this world

We had no spare cash, and our computers, which allow us to broadcast and keep us on air for 24/7... were starting to "die".
So our Tracy suggested that we ask local businesses to help us. She contacted Sainsbury's in Shirley and invited them to our 60th Birthday "do" at the studios where Mandy and Sam suggested we put a presentation together in an effort to become their "Charity of the Year" which, if successful would more than cover the costs of the computers.


I duly arrived at the store and presented our case to Tracy Coffin and her staff. We were a good charity; we entertained the sick, unhappy, frightened or simply bored patients at the General, The Royal Southants and the Princess Ann hospitals. 


We are all volunteers and have been doing our entertaining for 60 years and had even just received the Queens Award for Voluntary Service (MBE).

We weren't successful and we were we were a little sad but they promised to try to collect for our new computers anyway!


Since then they have attended most of our 60th celebrations. And given us a cheque! 


Great I thought that's one computer sorted, thank you Sainsbury Shirley, only three more to go! Then they gave us another cheque! and promised to try to raise a "little" more!

I said there were still nice people about AND .........


Shirley do the BEST breakfast in Southampton bar none.....

Thank you to Tracy Coffin and her team.

Steve Mullane