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Record Library

Although you may only hear the voices of the presenters during a programme on HBA, there are lots of others involved, without whom the show would not go on. As a lot of our programmes involve music, the Record Library is vital to the smooth operation of the station.

Each record is catalogued by the artist and by its title, we can then see all the artists who have recorded a particular song. When you then ask for a record by your favourite singer or group, we can see all the songs we have by them.

All this takes a lot of work to keep up-to-date. So each night has a team who file, catalogue and retrieve records.

In a station that offers its listeners the opportunity to ask for requests, finding the right record is very important. In recent years, the library has been put onto a computer database. We can now search for all the songs with a given word in the title.

If you are interested in helping Hospital Radio in its work, but do not want to appear in front of a microphone, why not join the library team?