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Southampton Hospital Broadcasting Association is a Registered Charity and is entirely separate from the Hospitals to which it broadcasts. It receives no funding from the Hospitals or the NHS. The Charity is also separate from the PatientLine system upon which Patients receive the broadcasts. It does not receive any funds from PatientLine.

The Charity members are all unpaid volunteers and they give up some of their spare time in running the Charity and for vital Fundraising activities such as:
Tin collections outside local shops
Sponsorship by the general public in Charity events (e.g. fun runs)
Running Public Address for organisations' events in exchange for a fee.
Sale of equipment and records that are no longer required (due to newer equipment introduced and CDs replacing records)

From time to time, the Charity is grateful to benefit from corporate donations. If appropriate, the Charity may also apply for grants.

Please see our pages about making a Donation or for Sponsoring us.