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The engineering team make the studios work.

After our move from the purpose-built studios in Tebourba Way to the General site itself, they have been kept busy building new state-of-the-art studios while keeping the station on air.

Moving into the 21st Century the engineering and technology teams are busy at work every week, ensuring that the quality of station audio is as high as it can be.

With new Broadcast equipment now fully up and running, saving the Association £000's in phone bills each year, and with higher audio quality than ever before, their bit is done to ensure that the funds raised can go towards the upkeep of the station.

And that includes a new music playout system that will allow for greater variety, higher quality and a station that can move from strength to strength.

Our friendly engineers always welcome new members to the team. If studio engineering is of interest to you, please do contact us about joining the team.

Experience is useful, but commitment and eagerness to learn are more important.... Much more important!